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Mayor and Council

top row (left to right): Councillor Cindy Elliott, Councillor Jim Palm, Councillor George Doubt, Councillor Rob Southcott
bottom row (left to right): Councillor CaroleAnn Leishman, Mayor Dave Formosa, Councillor Maggie Hathaway


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Council's Role and Responsibilities

Mayor and Council's responsibilities are set out in the Community Charter. Generally, Council's role is to consider the best interests of the City, represent the will of the public, determine services and establish levels of service delivery, and provide leadership and governance by focusing on key issues, strategic planning, and setting policy. 

The members of Powell River City Council consist of the Mayor and 6 Councillors. The current council took office in December 2014. 

Individually, Councillors have very few statutory powers or responsibilities. The substantive powers of Councillors are exercised collectively with other Councillors. Council may only exercise its authority by resolution or bylaw at a Council meeting. Each member of Council, including the Mayor, has one vote on any question. Each member of Council present must vote on the question, and if a member of Council does not indicate how he or she votes, that member is deemed to have voted in the affirmative.

The Mayor is the head and Chief Executive Officer of the city. In addition to the Council members' responsibilities, the Mayor's responsibilities include:

  • Provide leadership to Council
  • Communicate information to Council
  • Preside at Council meetings
  • Provide, on behalf of Council, general direction to city officers respecting implementation of city policies, programs and other Council directions.
  • Reflect the will of Council and carry out other duties on behalf of Council

Council's role in Powell River Regional District

The Powell River Regional District Board consists of municipal directors and electoral area directors. Two members of Council are appointed as regional directors. Current municipal directors are Councillors Brewer and Leishman.

Council's relationship with City staff
Council's direct contact with city staff is through the Chief Administrative Officer. The Chief Administrative Officer provides direction to staff to carry out Council's decisions. 

City of Powell River Organization        

Mayor and Council


Chief Administrative Officer



  • Chief Financial Officer - Department Head
  • Corporate Officer - Department Head
  • Director of Fire and Emergency Services - Department Head
  • Director of Infrastructure - Department Head
  • Director of Planning Services - Department Head
  • Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture - Department Head
  • Director of Human Resources and Occupational H & S
  • Director of Economic Development and Communications
  • Staff Sergeant RCMP
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Manager of Accounting Services
  • Manager of Information Technology
  • Manager of Engineering Services
  • Manager of Recreation
  • Manager of Operational Services
  • Manager of Planning Services
  • Chief Building Inspector
  • Superintendent of Public Works


  • Legislative Assistant
  • Deputy Corporate Officer
  • System IT Specialist


  • CUPE Local 798
  • IAFF Local 1298

Council meetings

Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  The Mayor presides over Council meetings.  The Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Officer are in attendance at all Council meetings.

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole meetings are held at 3:30 pm on the Tuesday of each week of a Regular Council meeting in Council Chambers at City Hall. The Acting Mayor presides over Committee of the Whole meetings. The Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Officer are in attendance at all Committee of the Whole meetings.





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