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Building Services

Standards for health, safety, accessibility, and energy and water efficiency in buildings are set out in the The BC Building Code. Provisions for local administration of the BC Building Code within the City are found in the City of Powell River Building Bylaw. The Building Services Division is responsible for implementing the regulations for the City of Powell River .
To keep Powell River safe and livable, the City reviews Permit applications, and enforces regulations in a fair and consistent manner. A permit is required for the following:
  • new construction
  • additions to existing buildings
  • plumbing
  • demolitions
  • renovations
  • interior or exterior refurbishing
  • changes of approved use or occupancy in any building
  • new or refurbished signs
Building Permit Information Package
Prior to starting any stage of your project, including excavation or demolition, you must obtain the required permit(s).
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Building Permit Fees (excerpt from Building Bylaw)
Geotechnical Report Guidelines
Development Application Fees
Applications forms need to be completed in full and submitted to City Hall. Ensure that the items on check lists have been completed, required documentation has been attached, and that it has been signed by the owner(s) of subject lands.
The City may request electronic documents be forwarded to assist in processing the application.
All work must comply with the current British Columbia Building Code (BCBC) and be completed to the satisfaction of the City Building Inspector. Work must not commence until a Building Permit is issued. During construction, inspections by the Building Inspector are required to be completed at the phases outlined in the current Building Bylaw before subsequent phases can proceed. Some projects may require assurance by a Professional Engineer in the form of a Letter of Assurance. A final inspection is carried out when all inspections are completed and approved. New building or a building with a change of use must not be occupied until an Occupancy Permit is issued after a successful final inspection.

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Related Bylaws
City of Powell River Building Bylaw 2141
Infrastructure Design and Construction Bylaw 2225       Climatic Data - IDF curves
Board of Variance Bylaw 2138
Mobile Home Park Regulation Bylaw 1644
Sign Bylaw 1945 
Zoning Bylaw 2100

Information Sheets
Typical System for Foundation and Storm Drainage
Building Height Regulations
Building Permit Survey Requirements
Building Permit Checklist
Fence Regulations
Building a Detached Garage or Accessory Building
Hydronic Heating Systems
Demolition Permit Requirements
Powell River Fire Rescue conducts training in abandoned, vacant, or ready to be demolished structures. Click on th following for more information:
Demolishing a Vacant Building?

The following links are provided by the Building Department as information available to the public.

Building Permits Issued by Issued Date Range

Building Permits Issued Comparison for Year/Month Summary

Building Permits Annual Report

Building Permits External Submittal by Issued Date Range - December 31, 2018




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