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Special Council

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Finance Committee

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Sustainability Committee



Committee of the Whole Meetings 

COTW Agendas
COTW Minutes

Council meets regularly as Committee of the Whole (COTW) to receive public delegations, inquiries, and staff reports on various issues. COTW provides an opportunity for Council to informally discuss items with staff or other resources present to provide information as needed. COTW meetings are chaired by the Acting Mayor. The COTW may provide direction to staff on Agenda items at the COTW meeting. Council, sitting as COTW, cannot decide on City business at a committee meeting but may make recommendations for council’s consideration at a Council meeting. The chair of the COTW reports on the Committee’s meetings at Council meetings. Subject to holding a lawful incamera meeting in accordance with Section 90 of the Community Charter, COTW meetings are open to the public. The meetings are held in Council Chambers at City Hall. 

Committee Room

Liquid Waste Management Plan

LWMP Agendas

LWMP Minutes  

The City of Powell River was mandated by the Ministry of Environment to prepare a Liquid Waste Management Plan. This plan forms a basic strategy to ensure disposal of liquid waste in conformity with Ministry regulations. The plan covers areas such as safe treatment and discharge of sewage and storm water as well as water conservation and source control (sustainable environment initiatives). In addition, this plan recommends the consolidation of the Westview and Townsite treatment facilities. During the current stage (three) of this plan, the Liquid Waste Advisory Committee will be reviewing options for the siting of this facility.


Finance Committee

Finance Committee Agenda

Finance Committee Minutes

At the December 2, 2014 Inaugural Council meeting, Mayor Formosa established a finance standing committee and appointed all of Council to the Committee and Councillor Brewer as Chair.
The Finance Committee mandate is to provide advice and make recommendations to Council with respect to all financial matters of the Corporation of the City of Powell River statutorily requiring Council approval.  The Finance Committee will give consideration to existing Council policies and relevant municipal policies and plans.
The Committee is not a decision-making body and is not responsible for the implementation or management of any municipal functions or services.




Notice of the Meetings and Agendas are posted on the Public Notice Board at City Hall and on the City website. Minutes are available for public inspection in the Administration Department and are posted on the City’s website.




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